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      Yuvraj Singh’s Furious Fury: Making History with 6 Sixes in an Over at the 2007 T20 World Cup Against England

      Today on 19th September 2023, 16 years ago, legendary Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh create history by hitting six sixes in an over. The left-handed batter was the first cricketer in the history of T20 cricket to hit six back-to-back sixes in an over, and he achieve the milestone against England during the 2007 T20 World Cup match, which was play at the Kingsmead Stadium in Durban.

      This incident took place during the 19th over of the Indian innings, which was bowl by Stuart Broad.

      Broad had just start his career and was not as big a player as he is today and Yuvraj Singh had already made his name by then and was at the peak of his career.

      Yuvraj Singh did the unthinkable against Stuart Broad by hitting the pacer for six maximums, and during the process, Yuvraj Singh also score the fastest-ever fifty in T20 history, a record that still stands today.

      He reach the fifty-run mark in just 12 balls.

      As everyone remembers Yuvraj Singh and Stuart Broad for what all happen in that over in Durban, but do you know what made Yuvraj Singh angry in that game, which provoke him to go into beast mode and become the worst nightmare for Stuart Broad?

      As, you will be surprise to know that it wasn’t Stuart Broad who did anything to make Yuvraj Singh angry, but instead it was his then-teammate Andrew Flintoff, who got involve in a verbal battle with Yuvraj Singh just before the start of the over, and Yuvraj Singh made him pay for it by thrashing his side.

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      After a Years later, Yuvraj Singh open up about his famous six sixes against Stuart Broad and reveal it was a heated exchange with Andrew Flintoff that made him angry on that day.

      As per Yuvi, he had an argument with Andrew Flintoff, and it made him angry so much that he decide to smash every ball in the next over.

      The fight between Yuvraj Singh and Andrew Flintoff start after the Indian star hit Andrew Flintoff for two fours on the fourth and fifth balls of the 18th over, which didn’t go down well for Andrew Flintoff as he was punish on what he thought weren’t loose balls.

      Andrew Flintoff start abuses at Yuvraj Singh at the end of his over, and the two towering figures of the limited overs format then enter a heated war of words.

      Andrew Flintoff told Yuvraj Singh that he would “cut his throat off,” and the Indian legend responded by saying, “You see this bat in my hand? You know where I am going to hit you with this bat?” Yuvi had recall.

      But while it wasn’t Andrew Flintoff who got the punishment, instead Yuvraj Singh went all guns blazing against Stuart Broad and create history.

      After hitting six sixes against Stuart Broad, Yuvraj Singh hits Andrew Flintoff for a six as well on the fourth ball of the 20th over of the Indian innings, but the English all-rounder also manage to take revenge by getting the Indian batter out on the next ball for 58 runs from just 16 balls.


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