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      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch | 2YoDo Detailed Review

      Zebronics, an Indian brand, has been a company making computer accessories. Then after it get into making smart gadgets, and now the company is making smartwatches. The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH is a loaded smartwatch.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH supports real-time blood pressure monitoring, oxygen saturation (Sp02) monitoring and heart rate monitoring.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch also has other features like a pedometer to track physical activity like walking, calorie counter, distance tracker, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, caller ID and call reject, alarm clock, remote camera shutter and music control.

      Price in India

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch price set at Rs Rs 3499.


      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH smartwatch comes in a square design and has a 44mm screen.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch screen uses an LCD panel and I find its brightness on the dimmer side.

      Indoors Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch is fine but outdoors under sunlight 2YODO found it difficult to read or see information on the watch even when the brightness was at 100%.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch has a premium feel and does not look cheap.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch is also certified to have water and dust protection with IP67 rating.

      2YODO use the watch during evening walks and on a few occasions in rain also.

      The water did not damage the Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch so it is safe to say that the IP67 is not just a sticker.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch comes with a black silicon strap.

      The strap can be change if you desire some other colour or style but it will need to be bought separately.

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      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch fits on the wrist.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch has a long button on the side that can be press to switch the display on.

      You can also lift your hands to turn on the display and see the information or the time on the watch face.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch when pair with the companion app, lets you see messages from third-party apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

      You cannot reply to messages from the app.

      But they can take and make calls from the Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch inbuilt microphone and speaker when the watch is pair with the phone.

      During calls 2YODO find the microphone and the speaker to have decent quality.


      2YODO find the battery of the Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch impressive.

      When 2YODO starts using it and went on for 6 days before 2YODO had to charge it.

      And this was when 2YODO was using features like heart rate monitor and exercise tracking rather frequently.

      2YODO find that around a week of battery life is possible with this Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH comes with a 210mAh battery that offers a standby time of 30 days on a single charge, according to the company.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch takes 1.5 to 2 hours for a full recharge.


      Activity tracking of Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH that lets it down.

      The pedometer or the step counter was not accurate in my case, as it did not always show the exact steps.

      2YODO was riding two-wheeler while wearing the watch and it convert the distance into the number of steps which was wrong.

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      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch would record lying down time as my sleep time.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch has different sports modes to track different sports: walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football.

      But it find that it wasn’t very accurate.

      The Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH also offers periods tracker a feature female users will find useful as well as an oxygen meter that can record SPO2 level in blood.

      2YODO find the oxygen meter to be quite accurate.

      2YoDo Conclusion

      If Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch wasn’t for the inaccurate walking and running tracking, 2YODO would have given 1 star to the Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch Bluetooth is also not good.

      When pair with a phone it work fine but when it gets disconnected, re-pairing the watch with the phone takes longer.

      Sensors like the SPO2 are mostly accurate.

      The design is elegant and nice.

      Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH Smartwatch is also IP67-certified which means you can wear it in rain.

      And battery life is fantastic at close to 7 days.


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