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      Cricket Legend and Former India Coach Greg Chappell is Struggling Financially | Details Inside

      Cricket now-a-days is all about modern day professional players earning big amounts from endorsements and advertisements on top of their playing fees. But, cricketers from the previous era were not that lucky and did not see the financial like that current players can depend upon for their future post retirement.

      Legendary cricketer and former India coach Greg Chappell is undergoing such financial struggles which have force a fundraising campaign.

      Greg Chappell is going through a financial struggle and his friends have pitch in to set up an online fundraising platform.

      The idea is to “enhance” the former cricketer’s “last few years”, as per report.

      As Greg Chappell is living on rent.

      And he admit that he is doing fine, Greg Chappell assert he was certainly not living a life of luxury due to his glorious cricketing career.

      Greg Chappell had a controversial stint as the head coach of the Indian team from 2005-2007 where he had a report fallout with former India skipper Sourav Ganguly.

      Then he part ways after India’s dismal showing at the 2007 World Cup.

      Greg Chappell said :

      “I’m not on the bones of my a**e,”.

      “I certainly don’t want it to sound like we’re in desperate straits, because we’re not — but we’re not living in luxury either. I think most people assume that, because we played cricket, that we are all living in the lap of luxury. While I’m certainly not crying poor, we’re not reaping in the benefits that today’s players are,”.

      He was reluctant but agreed to the fundraising campaign.

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      Greg Chappell said :

      “It is just my friends who realise that we didn’t get a lot and just to make sure that Judy and I were comfortable in our retirement,”.

      “To be fair, there are others of our era who are in more dire circumstances that could do with the help and I don’t think the game has done enough for players of that era. Particularly in relation to the comparison with today’s era.”

      “I believe the players that set the scene for what’s happening today, should probably be recognised for the role they play in getting the game to where it is today,”.

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