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      Lok Sabha Election 2024: Know Election Commission’s Voting Guide for Senior Citizens | Details Inside

      Election Commission of India on 16th March 2024 announce the schedule for the 18th Lok Sabha elections and for the upcoming assembly elections in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim.

      Lok Sabha Election 2024 is schedule to be held from 19th April 2024 to 1st June 2024 over 7 phases.

      To make voting more easier for the senior citizens, the ECI has given some provisions with some new additional facilities for the senior citizens to avail for the 2024 polls while casting their vote.

      • For the first time in Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has introduce a measure to enable roughly 82 lakh individuals aged above 85 and persons with disabilities (PwD) to cast their votes from the convenience of their homes.
      • Eligible individuals have the opportunity to vote via postal ballot by applying for Form 12 D, which will be deliver directly to their residences by officials.
      • A team consisting of two polling officials, a videographer, and a security personnel will visit the voter’s residence to facilitate the postal ballot process.
      • Voters will receive prior notification of the visit date and time of the election officials via SMS to the mobile number given in their application.

      This new initiative, initially implement during the 2020 Bihar assembly elections amid the Covid-19 pandemic, entails poll officials visiting 82 lakh senior citizens aged above 85 and 88.4 lakh register PwD voters at their residences to assist them in exercising their voting rights.

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      Voters will be provide with postal ballots, allowing them to mark their candidate preference without compromising the confidentiality of their choices.

      What facilities provided if visiting Polling Stations?

      • Election Commission of India (ECI) will provide transportation assistance to senior citizens and differently able individuals who choose to visit polling stations.
      • Polling stations will be situated on ground floors to ensure convenient access for those with mobility challenges.
      • Polling stations will offer facilities such as ramps, drinking water, shaded areas, waiting areas, and toilets for senior citizens and disable individuals.
      • Volunteers equip with wheelchairs will be available to assist senior citizens as require.
      • Blind and infirm voters will have the option to be accompanied by a companion inside the polling booth for support

      Documents Required if visiting Polling Stations

      Senior citizens who choose to visit polling stations must carry one of the recognize ID cards list below for voting.

      • EPIC (Voter ID card)
      • Passport
      • Driving license
      • Service ID cards with photographs issued by Central/ State/ Govt/PSUs/Public Limited Companies
      • Passbooks with photographs issued by the bank/post office
      • PAN card
      • Smart card issued by RGI under NPR
      • MNREGA Job card
      • Health Insurance Smart Card issued under ministry of labor
      • Pension document with photograph
      • Official ID cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs
      • Aadhar card

      But, it’s important to note that a voter slip alone will not be accept as valid identification for voting.

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