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      How to Set an Expiry Date and Passcode to Gmail With Confidential Mode

      Gmail’s Confidential Mode could be an essential feature for you If you send sensitive and secretive information on Gmail and wish there was a way that could block people from forwarding the mail to someone else.

      Gmail’s Confidential Mode enables you to restrict people from downloading, printing, copy-pasting and even forwarding your mail and its attachments.

      Also Gmail’s Confidential Mode feature lets you set an expiration date, post which the content of the email automatically disappears so that the receiver can no longer view it.

      You can choose to lock your sensitive emails and allow recipients to access the messages only when they enter a passcode that is sent to them by either an SMS or email.

      How to Set an Expiry Date or Passcode to an Email on Gmail?

      Follow These Steps :

      On phone

      1. Open the Gmail app
      2. Tap Compose.
      3. In the top right tap Confidential mode.
      4. If you have already enabled confidential mode, you can go to the bottom of the email.
      5. Tap Edit.
      6. Turn on Confidential mode.
      7. You can now set an expiration date for this mail for 1 day, a week, a month and even 5 years.
      8. If you choose “No SMS passcode,” recipients using the Gmail app will be able to open the mail directly.
      9. If you want the receiver to enter a passcode before reading the mail to verify their identity,
      10. You can go to Require Passcode and choose SMS passcode.
      11. When you send this mail, you will be required to add a phone number.
      12. Just make sure you enter the recipient’s phone number, not your own.
      13. Tap Done
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      On computer

      1. Open Gmail’s desktop version.
      2. Click Compose.
      3. Click Turn on confidential mode In the bottom right of the window.
      4. If you have already enabled it for an email.
      5. Go to the bottom of the email.
      6. Click Edit.
      7. Choose SMS passcode to set an expiration date and passcode.
      8. Click Save.

      How to Open an Email Sent with Confidential Mode?

      Follow These Steps :

      • If Sender used confidential mode to send an email.
      • You can view the message and attachments until the expiration date or until the sender removes access.
      • Remember that the options to copy, paste, download, print, and forward the message text and attachments are disabled.
      • You might need to enter a passcode to open the email.


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